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Hippie Goth Girl, Grows Up; Sorta.

This is my personal journal/diary. In it are included my thoughts on events of the day, my newbie SCA goings on (in the SCA my persona is Lady Helena Caxton - My primary interests are medieval England, archery, handmade historical clothing, bookbinding (both historical and modern forms) and needle arts, but my general interests are just about everything so it's a bit difficult to focus), historical studies, crafting/computer projects, diet/health/exercise, my spiritual journey (to be clear - I am currently a Unitarian Universalist agnostic atheist, ha ha say that three times fast), my day to day life, book reviews, and life in general.

If you know me and would like to read it, or if you are someone who just wants to check it out, please add me and I will most likely add you back shortly.

Be warned: I can be overly dramatic on occasion and quite opinionated - though I encourage and engage in friendly discussion and am open to new ideas/facts and viewpoints even though I may not share those interpretations.

I love the planet and non-human animals - both domesticated and wild. I am interested in their welfare - this manifests in my life in several ways and you may see topics related to this here periodically. Yes, I try to live as close to a vegan life as I can. I do not consume any animals bits, parts, secretions - and try to keep all other consumption (mainly consumed by my kitties) to a minimum, - not that I starve them, have you SEEN Sirius Gray?.

I am a bibliophile and book pusher.

A few of my favorite authors are (and this changes constantly): Mark Twain, Simon Winchester, Lindsey Davis, Sarah Vowell, David Sedaris, Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, J. R. R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, James Loewen, Walter Isaacson, Dave Eggers, Issac Asimov, Janet Evanovich, Douglas Hofstadter, Jean Auel, Henry Rollins, Neil Gaiman, Shakespeare, Paul Rusesabagina, Spalding Gray, Dr. Seuss, Kurt Vonnegut, Oscar Wilde, Norton Juster, Mario Puzo, Mark Danielewski...etc...etc...etc...

"I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it." - Mark Twain

Enough already!
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